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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QC-Health®, Inc.?

QC-Health is a cause-driven benefit corporation dedicated to better patient outcomes. QC-Health offers innovative, disease-specific employer programs; virtual advisory boards; and trend reports. In addition, QC-Health has developed an innovative digital platform that offers targeted programs called Outcome Guided Engagements (OGEs) that are aligned with evidence-based care plans. The OGEs provide patients with the tools and information they need to become coauthors of their health. The platform is available to patients, health care providers, case managers, and pharmacists when and where they need it the most within their current workflow. Ask about integrating a QC-Health OGE into your workflow within your organization’s information technology system, at the point of care, including the member Web portal.

How does it work?

Once installed in the EHR or HIT system, a user can click on a QC-Health button and the OGE will appear. When a resource or tool is selected, it can then be viewed, printed, or sent to the member, patient, or employee.

How is the QC-Health OGE plugin installed?

We will provide the OGE and instructions to seamlessly install the platform into the EHR/HIT system. Minimal effort is required. We are also available to answer questions your IT team might have. Schedule a session with our EHR guru to get this information.

Which browser works best to view the OGEs?

For the best viewing experience, use Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher), or Firefox. Safari is not recommended.

Is there any cost?

There is no cost associated with the basic (uncustomized) platform. We are a cause-driven benefit corporation aiming to do our part to help improve the American health care system.

Can we add our organization’s name and logo to the program?

Yes, you can add your identity to both the OGE and the individual patient tools for a fee. Please contact David Guy at to discuss or for a demonstration.

Have a specific OGE you’d like to see created?  

Use the Contact Us link below to send us your suggestions.

Where can I find out more about QC-Health?

Take a look at our 2020 Annual Report.

Is the privacy of my members/patients/employees protected at QC-Health? 

Absolutely. Take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

How an Outcome Guided Engagement® Works

OGE title pinpoints appropriate patient at a specific point in care

The goal of the OGE

How the provider can engage/collaborate with the patient on disease management  

Patient Tools support the discussion in #2.

Provider Tools support the discussion in #2.

Convenient reminder to follow up

Save the OGE will let you save a copy of the OGE to your desktop. This will save an image with the specific tools that you have selected for your patient. You can then upload the image into your patient EHR record as documentation. 

Help includes How an OGE Works, FAQs, Schedule an EHR Guru Session, Contact Us, and a link to Order More OGEs.

Reference Links to clinical evidence that supports the OGE

Click to select tool.

Click to preview the tool (one tool at a time).

Click to read the tool description.

Use Scroll Bar on the side of the tool box for further information. 

Print—Selecting several health tools at once automatically copies them into 1 file that can be printed as a handout for patients.

Copy Link—Selecting several health tools copies all links at once to post into EHR systems.

Send Email—Selecting several health tools at once automatically copies the links into an email to be sent to the patient.

Schedule a Session With Our EHR Gurus

Click the QC-Health Support link below and follow the instructions to schedule your session.

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